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Silicon Valley is the center of innovation—where the brightest and most daring minds gather to change the world through invention and technology. To make it in Silicon Valley is to succeed in a highly competitive, rapidly adapting business environment.

The Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business is proud to introduce the Online Master of Business Administration program. 
Focused on developing ethical and innovative business leaders, our Online MBA program is where professionals become Silicon Valley Professionals.

Santa Clara University:

●Priority deadline is Friday, August 17 
●Final deadline is Wednesday, August 29

Established in 1923, the Leavey School of Business has a long-established reputation for excellence and has inspired America’s most dynamic business minds to do more.    

Our innovative Online MBA program is designed for today’s venture-driven professionals—those whose spare time is spent exploring future business models and analyzing opportunities to redefine and broaden the realm of what’s possible. Now, as you take on the business world head first, you can check into class when your schedule allows and tackle coursework from anywhere in the world.

To qualify for the waiver, candidates must have three or more years of work experience and at least one of the following:

  • A master's or doctoral degree from an accredited school

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited school

We encourage students to consult with an Admissions Advisor to find out if their qualifications would make them eligible for a waiver. For more information or to see if you may qualify, complete the form above.

This Is Where You Earn Your Worth

Alumni of Santa Clara University and the Leavey School of Business have achieved a wide variety of acclaim. Their work has inspired others and pushed the boundaries of possible.

A few of our notable SCU alumni include:5

  • David Drummond '85, senior vice president and chief legal officer, Google
  • Brendan Eich '83, creator, JavaScript; co-founder, Mozilla Corporation
  • Margaret (Peggy) Bradshaw '72, executive vice president, Bridge Bank; former executive vice president, Comerica Bank
  • Jack Lazar '87, former chief financial officer (CFO), GoPro
  • Mary Bitterman '66, Ph.D., president and trustee, Bernard Osher Foundation; former CEO, KQED Broadcasting

A few of our notable LSB alumni include:

  • Rebecca Jacoby MBA '95, chief information officer, Cisco
  • Peter Oppenheimer MBA '87, former senior vice president and CFO, Apple
  • George Reyes MBA '79, former senior vice president and CFO, Google
  • Steve Sordello '92, MBA '01, chief financial officer, LinkedIn
  • Rebecca Guerra '73, MBA '78, former vice president of human resources, Infoblox; former vice president of human resources, Extreme Networks, Adobe & eBay
  • Robert J. Finocchio Jr. '73, former president, 3COM; former CEO, president and chairman, IBM Informix
  • Betsy Rafael '83, former vice president and corporate controller, Apple; former vice president, controller, chief accounting officer, Cisco
  • Kevin Yeaman '88, president and CEO, Dolby

Santa Clara University - Leavey School of Business

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Santa Clara University - Leavey School of Business 

Privacy Policy

*Offer details: Scholarship offer available only to new (first-time) enrollees starting the program in the Winter 2018 term, not current or returning students. To utilize this scholarship offer, prospective students must apply and be accepted as well as identify the offer and request that it be applied at the time of enrollment. Scholarship funds are not payable directly to recipients: funds will be credited exclusively toward student’s tuition in the final academic term required for completion of the program. The financial assistance of students receiving the scholarship may require modification, to account for the scholarship by preventing any “over-award,” such that the financial assistance received does not exceed the cost of attendance, as defined and determined by the Office of Financial Aid of Santa Clara University. Recipients of the scholarship must remain continuously enrolled in the program through completion (or obtain a university-approved leave of absence) and must maintain satisfactory academic progress at all times for scholarship to remain in effect. This scholarship offer may be revised, rescinded or terminated at any time. This scholarship offer cannot be combined with other offers or tuition offsets. All admissions and scholarship decisions of Santa Clara University are final.

Leavey School of Business graduates are recognized for their performance excellence and diverse skill sets in management, communication, finance, analytics, and more, and they are actively sought out by leading corporations both in and beyond the Silicon Valley. As such, by the time these business professionals reach the midpoint of their careers, they have, on average, nearly doubled their starting salaries.4

So ask yourself: Are you earning your full worth?

$167,800 | Average mid-career salary for Leavey graduates
Santa Clara University | Leavey School of Business
Santa Clara University Online MBA Program

Santa Clara University’s campus and the majority of your Online MBA classmates are located in the Bay Area, presenting valuable opportunities to connect with current influencers, enhance your skills, and grow your network.      

Take Your Place at the Center of Innovation

Santa Clara University | Online MBA Candidate

“ I get to work with some of the most brilliant minds in Silicon Valley here in this program.


Santa Clara University | Online MBA Candidate

I will be thrilled to be a part of the extensive and influential alumni network, working to further innovation in the Silicon Valley and beyond.


“Santa Clara is well known, has an incredible alumni network, and is located at the heart of innovation, Silicon Valley. Combined with the flexibility to pursue coursework online, but also close enough to utilize campus resources—the decision was a no brainer.”  


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We offer three online concentrations in Leading Innovative Organizations, Marketing, and Finance, as well as three additional concentrations that can be completed by taking on-campus electives. While selecting a concentration is not required in order to complete the Online MBA program, concentrations allow students to showcase an area of focus within their degree. If you'd like to specialize in a particular area of business, consider choosing from the concentrations below.

The Finance concentration will provide students with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and manage financial securities such as stocks, bonds, options, and futures, and it will familiarize students with key financial markets. Students will learn how to apply financial principles in corporate settings, such as choosing and managing investment projects, and in investment settings, such as by constructing investment portfolios. They will also build knowledge of the links between finance and other business functions such as marketing and operations.

The Marketing concentration will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the development, management, and marketing of products, brands, and services in contexts including high tech, business-to-business, services, and more. Students will focus on state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques that are utilized by innovative companies across their marketing applications

The Leading Innovative Organizations concentration will help you effectively create, organize, and sustain organizational systems and processes necessary for success in rapidly changing and turbulent environments. Building from the management and innovation core courses, you will deepen your overall understanding of the innovation context, leadership in complex environments, team and project management, and agile decision-making.

Online MBA students also have the option of pursuing one of three additional concentrations available to our on-campus MBA students: 

While some courses required to complete these concentrations are unfortunately not yet available online, all Online MBA students with the ability to travel to campus for class are welcome to enroll in them.

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